Zurich air traffic controllers bring Iran, Israel together

zurichjetsZurich air traffic controllers may have inadvertently succeeded where diplomats have failed for decades: to bring Israelis and Iranians together.

As the jets of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrived in Switzerland today to take … Read the rest

German Chancellor injured in skiing accident

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has injured her pelvis on a cross-country skiing trip during her Christmas vacation, her spokesman Steffen Seibert said. She will be mostly bedbound for three weeks and will not visit Warsaw on Wednesday as planned.

The … Read the rest

Swiss war game sees bankrupt French invasion

suisseHordes of bankrupt French invade Switzerland to get their hands on their “stolen” money — such is the imaginary scenario cooked up by the Swiss military in simulations revealed over the weekend.

Carried out in August, the apparently outlandish army

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Swiss Ecopop group forces immigration referendum

A group of Swiss environmentalists has collected enough signatures to force a national referendum on immigration.

The Ecopop group says natural resources are under increasing pressure from overpopulation.

It wants annual population growth through immigration capped at 0.2% and a … Read the rest

Swiss soccer player investigated for Twitter ‘racism’

Switzerland’s Michel Morganella is being investigated for sending an allegedly racist message on Twitter after their defeat in the men’s Olympic football by South Korea, a Swiss team official said on Monday.

“We are investigating this case and we will … Read the rest