Hillary clinches nomination while Sanders may become VP

Hillary Clinton claiming the Democratic presidential nomination hasn’t put off Bernie Sanders. He addressed an emotional crowd in California as polls closed, vowing to continue the struggle to create a government that “works for everyone, not just 1 percent.”

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Trump takes California, New Jersey, New Mexico, South Dakota and Montana in Republican primaries

Claiming her place in history, Hillary Clinton declared victory Tuesday night in her bruising battle for the Democratic presidential nomination, becoming the first woman to lead a major American political party and casting herself as the beneficiary of generations who … Read the rest

Austria’s FPÖ to challenge election outcome

The far-right Freedom Party of Austria filed a legal challenge on Wednesday over the results of the country’s presidential election, disputing the outcome of the May 22 runoff, in which the party’s candidate, Norbert Hofer, was narrowly defeated.

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Illegals are kidnapping kids to appear as families crossing border

Illegal immigrants are kidnapping children and bringing them across the border, hoping to appear to be families so they can take advantage of lax enforcement policies, the Obama administration told a federal appeals court on Tuesday.

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Merkel on the brink after president resigns

THE migrant crisis and rise of the far-right in Europe is threatening to pull Angela Merkel’s government apart in what has been dubbed the party’s “worst internal crisis in 40 years”.

Germany’s president, Joachim Gauck, has also announced he will … Read the rest

Arabic is the fastest growing language in American homes

Arabic is the fastest-growing language in American households — and that’s leading the US Census Bureau to explore the tricky task of adjusting its questionnaires to ­accommodate the language’s right-to-left script.

The bureau is using focus groups to explore possible … Read the rest

Dan Roodt: South African ‘democracy’ increasingly intolerant of dissent

It is interesting that even in politically correct university circles doubts are surfacing about the nature of South African democracy. In the Business Day of 3 June 2016, Professor Anthony Butler of the University of Cape Town published a column … Read the rest