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Chad outlaws homosexuality

Chad looks set to become the 37th country in Africa to outlaw homosexuality after government ministers voted to make same-sex relations a crime punishable by up to 20 years in prison.

The decision, yet to be ratified by the country’s … Read the rest

SA and Russia sign nuclear agreement

Russia and South Africa have signed an intergovernmental agreement on strategic partnership in nuclear energy sector opening the possibility of construction of nuclear reactors in the country using Russian technologies, state nuclear corporation Rosatom said Monday.

“The agreement creates a … Read the rest

Everything is racist now, even bras

Something’s changed, subtly but swiftly, over the past couple of months. Suddenly there are charges of racism absolutely everywhere, from seemingly everyone, irrespective of whether those accusations are grounded in reality. This isn’t entirely new, obviously, but it has intensified … Read the rest

SA’s R140bn crime rip-off

South Africa spent R140 billion last year to prevent crime. But, if the latest crime statistics are anything to go by, citizens are not getting value for their money from either the police or security companies.

In the past financial … Read the rest

Unionists attack nationalists in Glasgow

British unionists took to the streets of Glasgow where the mood was dark after the defeat of the nationalists, to “celebrate” Scotland’s decision to stay in the UK. But the “celebration” predictably descended into violent clashes with at least 11 … Read the rest