Swedish MP wants safer passage for migrants to EU

A Swedish Member of the European Parliament (MEP) has pointed the finger at EU members for their reluctance to resolve the problem of migrants’ safer passage to Europe.

Sweden’s Member of the European Parliament Cecilia Wikström has blamed EU countries … Read the rest

Russian Unity Day: 8 000 Russian nationalists protest against migrants

Several thousand Russian nationalists rallied Monday in Moscow, venting against the migrants they accuse of pushing up the crime rate and taking their jobs.

The protest took place on the national holiday of Unity Day, established in 2005 to replace … Read the rest

900 migrants cross to Italy by sea in one weekend, 7 drown

Seven immigrants drowned on Sunday during an attempted crossing to Italy by gripping on to a large tuna fishing cage towed by a trawler, according to witnesses from among the 95 people rescued by the coast guard.

Italy’s coast guard … Read the rest

South Africa detaining refugees and migrants ‘unlawfully’

The department of home affairs (DHA) is unlawfully detaining refugees and migrants and forcing costly court actions to fight for their release, Lawyers for Human Rights (LHR) said on Wednesday.

“The detention of refugees and migrants is carried out in … Read the rest