UN: Lifting Zim sanctions a matter for individual states

United Nations (UN) Secretary General Ban Ki-moon says the lifting of targeted sanctions against Zimbabwe is a matter for individual member states.

He was responding to a question during a brief press encounter with journalists at the UN Headquarters in … Read the rest

‘Kidnapped by imperialism’

Bolivia has accused Austria of “kidnapping” its president, Evo Morales.

After a 12-hour interruption during which the president’s plane was stopped and searched by Austrian authorities for US fugitive Edward Snowden, Morales was allowed to fly home. Bolivia’s vice-president, Alvaro … Read the rest

Ban Ki-moon says ‘whole world praying for Mandela’

UN leader Ban Ki-moon said Wednesday that the whole world is praying for Nelson Mandela as the legendary South African leader fights for his life.

Ban called Mandela “one of the giants of the 20th century” at a New York … Read the rest

Rice leaves UN with final blast over Syrian ‘disgrace’

US ambassador Susan Rice left the United Nations on Tuesday slamming the Security Council’s failure to act over the worsening Syria conflict as a “moral and strategic disgrace.”

But while Rice criticized Russia and China for their veto of resolutions … Read the rest

SA will ‘enforce’ peace in DRC

Tight security has been thrown around the deployment of more than 1000 heavily armed South African troops to the Democratic Republic of Congo.

In the past 72 hours, 1300 soldiers from 6 SA Infantry Battalion, including paratroops, special forces and … Read the rest

France backs Palestinians

France has announced it will vote in favor of recognition of Palestine as a non-member observer state at the UN General Assembly later this week.

­The French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius told parliament that France “will respond ‘yes’” when the … Read the rest

Zuma’s speech on Somalia at UN mini-summit

I wish at the outset to congratulate my dear brother, H.E. Hassan Sheik Mohamoud on being elected President of Somalia.

I look forward to working with you President Hassan, in both bilateral and in multilateral settings as we strengthen the … Read the rest