Ann Coulter: Republican Party ‘deserves to die’ if it backs immigration reform

The GOP (Republican Party) deserves to die if it backs immigration reform, allowing more Latinos to become citizens, right wing pundit Ann Coulter says in a new column, If the GOP is stupid, it deserves to die.

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Sergio Garcia gets booed for ‘racism’ after ‘chicken’ jibe to Tiger Woods

Sergio Garcia received a warm welcome from US Open spectators on Thursday despite his recent racist remark toward Tiger Woods, but US star Phil Mickelson was the clear fan favorite.

Philadelphia sports fans have a reputation for toughness across the … Read the rest

Narcissists love Facebook and Twitter

Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are a big draw for narcissists, but the ego-boosting tools are used in different self-aggrandizing ways by different generations, a University of Michigan study suggests.

The study details how young adults of

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UN expert accused of anti-Israel bias

An embattled UN rights expert who probes Israel’s conduct towards Palestinians on Tuesday rejected calls to step down, saying his opponents were trying to silence his criticism of the Jewish state by labelling him anti-Semitic.

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Basic Instinct star Sharon Stone settles racism lawsuit

According to the Mail Online, Hollywood actress Sharon Stone has reached a settlement in a legal dispute involving a former nanny for her children. The 55-year-old Basic Instinct star was being sued by Filipino nanny Erlinda Elemen, who was fired … Read the rest

Global netizens worried over US spying

News that the U.S. government has been snooping on Internet users worldwide came as little surprise to global netizens, who said Friday they have few expectations of online privacy as governments increasingly monitor people’s digital lives, often with Internet companies’ … Read the rest

Apple clashes with Amazon in e-book case

Apple attorneys in the US antitrust case on e-books went on the offensive Thursday, attacking the credibility of government witnesses and seeking to debunk key elements of the government’s case.

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On the war path with Samantha Power

Trust Republicans to give battle over the wrong broad and for the wrong reasons.

Political posturing aside, Susan Rice, whom Barack Obama has appointed to be his national security adviser – despite or perhaps because of her role in developing … Read the rest

Judge Edith Jones in the firing line for race and crime remarks

Civil rights groups filed a complaint this week against a federal judge in Houston after she allegedly said during a lecture that some minorities are prone to violence.

Judge Edith Jones, who serves on the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of … Read the rest

‘Racism’, a religious concept?

by Dan Roodt

Since the ANC takeover in South Africa, this country has become race-obsessed. Not only do we have a huge number of laws that favour blacks over whites, but not a day goes by without someone being publicly … Read the rest

US and Canada lock up blacks, Indians

By Matt Moir, The Tyee

Idle No More is forcing many Canadians to be Willfully Blind No More.

Ostensibly, the movement spearheaded by Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence is about the protection of First Nations’ treaty rights. At its core, though, … Read the rest