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Danish clubs keep migrants out with language

Several Danish nightclubs have imposed strict admission rules requiring guests to prove their ability to speak Danish, German or English, following multiple complaints of harassment from female visitors.

Women in the Danish cities of Thisted, Sonderborg and Haderslev reported they … Read the rest

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Facebook cracks down on migrant ‘haters’

Facebook Inc began a Europe-wide campaign on Monday to thwart extremist posts on social media, after German politicians in particular raised concerns about a rise in xenophobic comments linked to an influx of refugees.

The U.S.-based group launched its “Initiative … Read the rest

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Elite has faith in institutions, not majority

An “informed” global elite now trusts institutions significantly more than the rest of the population does, opening a trust gap that helps explain the rise of populist politicians around the world.

Faith in business, government, media and non-governmental organisations has … Read the rest

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NY attackers shout ‘ISIS, ISIS’

New York City police were investigating on Sunday an assault on a man who was pummeled by suspects shouting “ISIS, ISIS,” leaving him with bruises on his head and face, authorities said.

The 43-year-old man was attacked while walking with … Read the rest

A banner by the EFF of South Africa, a political party left of the ANC. According to commentators the ANC has now "taken a song from the EFF hymn book".

ANC calls for war on whites

South Africa’s ruling party, the African National Congress has called for a war on the country’s white minority which it considers “racist”. In a media release this morning it

“calls on all South Africans to declare war on racism and

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Drought drowning farmers in debt

Farmers have their highest-ever debt of more than R125bn with South African banks at a time when a drought, caused by the lowest rainfall on record, is withering maize fields and discouraging the planting of crops.

FirstRand has the largest … Read the rest