Arabic is the fastest growing language in American homes

Arabic is the fastest-growing language in American households — and that’s leading the US Census Bureau to explore the tricky task of adjusting its questionnaires to ­accommodate the language’s right-to-left script.

The bureau is using focus groups to explore possible … Read the rest

Dan Roodt: South African ‘democracy’ increasingly intolerant of dissent

It is interesting that even in politically correct university circles doubts are surfacing about the nature of South African democracy. In the Business Day of 3 June 2016, Professor Anthony Butler of the University of Cape Town published a column … Read the rest

BBC rejecting applicants because they are white

THE BBC has been blasted for rejecting work applicants because they are white.

It advertised two £25,000 junior scriptwriting roles for shows like Holby City, but said they were only for people from “ethnic minority backgrounds”.

One outraged job-hunter said: … Read the rest

UCLA shooter was granted foreign student visa

UCLA shooting suspect Mainak Sarkar came to the United States on a foreign student visa in 2001 after graduating from a prestigious Indian technology university and was granted permanent legal status in the U.S. in 2014.

U.S. Immigration and Customs … Read the rest

Migrants from conflict hotbeds smuggled into US

A smuggling network has managed to sneak illegal immigrants from Middle Eastern terrorism hotbeds straight to the doorstep of the U.S., including helping one Afghan who authorities say was part of an attack plot in North America.

Immigration officials have … Read the rest

Karel Combrinck: De profundis

The University of Pretoria is traditionally and historically an Afrikaans university. For English-speaking readers this notion perhaps requires some clarification. It does not mean that anyone intends the University of Pretoria to be an exclusively Afrikaans university in that people … Read the rest

Dutchcucks hand migrants €10,000 each, while shutting out white visitors

Non-white asylum seekers who get allocated to certain towns in the Netherlands may get as much as €10,000 to buy furniture for their homes, according to research carried out by the daily Brabants Dagblad (BD).

White visitors from South Africa … Read the rest

Swedish swimming pools in deep water over segregation

As Muslims become a larger part of Swedish society, some municipal pools are offering women-only swimming to accommodate the new arrivals.

The new policy is bumping up against Swedish ideals of equality.

On the face of it, the decision to … Read the rest

Ilana Mercer: How the cult of the kid is making America not great

There were likely no kids on board EgyptAir Flight 804 that crashed into the Mediterranean Sea, on May 19. Had there been kids on board, we’d be hearing about it a LOT.

Of the 224 people on board the Russian … Read the rest

Rabbi warns that far-right might be winning Jewish voters

Far-right parties in some European countries are winning over Jewish voters by exploiting fears about militant Islamists and mainstream parties must do much more to address Europeans’ security concerns, a Jewish leader said on Tuesday.

Boosted by Europe’s migrant crisis, … Read the rest

American pastor firebombed as coloured gang violence errupts in Durban

A packed church was petrol-bombed as coloured gang war gripped Wentworth, Durban.

A visiting pastor from America had been preaching to a packed church hall when the incident happened.

A man was also shot dead and a 71-year-old woman hit … Read the rest