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Mistral mix-up continues

France hasn’t yet fixed a date for delivery of the first of two Mistral helicopter carriers to Russia (scheduled for November 14), the French defense minister said. If France doesn’t deliver due to US and NATO pressure, it will have … Read the rest

Apartheid for emoji characters

A new proposal drafted by the Unicode Consortium would introduce more “racial diversity”, apartheid actually, into the popular emoji characters used in messages on smartphones.

The proposal, edited by Google’s Mark Davis and Apple’s Peter Edberg, would bring skin tones, … Read the rest

Racial incidents flood Cape

The white man who allegedly attacked a gardener with a sjambok in Claremont may be a local dentist, according to threats he levelled at his victim early on Sunday.

Gardener Muhammed Makungwa claims to have been late for work in … Read the rest

EFF land grab kicks off in Pretoria

The Economic Freedom Fighters’ land-grab policy kicked off in Pretoria yesterday when local party leaders led an invasion of council-owned land earmarked for low-cost housing.

The executive committee of the party’s Nellmapius ward 86 delivered local people to “Malemaville” but … Read the rest

CNN withdraws from Russia

CNN International withdraws from Russian cable networks from December 31, 2014, according to a letter from Turner Broadcasting System Europe (CNN owner) TASS learnt about on Monday.

CNN is broadcast by operators of paid cable and satellite television, including Akado, … Read the rest

The brilliance of propaganda and the mass media

It really becomes about having the the most politically correct jibe – people with “real” morals breaking down another, less popular view, with insults of stupidity and thinly disguised hatred.

It’s like many Germans detesting hearing the word “Hitler”.


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