SA unions, parties to protest against Obama visit

US President Barack Obama’s upcoming visit to South Africa was condemned on Sunday by some trade unions, political parties, and civil society bodies.

“We categorically make it known that the visit of the US president to South Africa is an … Read the rest

16 June: Your race-riot triumph is my Orwellian nightmare

Today is 16 June, a public holiday (vacation to our American friends) commemorating the race riots of 1976 in Soweto. Every year I dread the arrival of 16 June, incongruously called “Youth Day”, because it represents the acme of the … Read the rest

‘Arrest Obama for war crimes when he visits SA’

The Muslim Lawyers Association in Johannesburg wants US President Barack Obama arrested and tried for war crimes when he arrives in South Africa on June 29.

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On the war path with Samantha Power

Trust Republicans to give battle over the wrong broad and for the wrong reasons.

Political posturing aside, Susan Rice, whom Barack Obama has appointed to be his national security adviser – despite or perhaps because of her role in developing … Read the rest

Will the US Follow South Africa Down the Path of White Decline?

by Dan Roodt

In the aftermath of President Obama’s victory, the Wall Street Journal described the GOP as the WOP, the White Old Party. Indeed, the Republican Party finds itself in a demographic death spiral as youth, single women, blacks, … Read the rest

The D-bomb has dropped

by Ilana Mercer

In our democracy – for we are no longer a republic that upholds individual rights and limits central power – you vote not for the representative who will defend your inalienable, individual rights. Rather, if you are … Read the rest

Obama re-election greeted with racial unrest

A protest at the University of Mississippi against the re-election of President Barack Obama grew into crowd of about 400 people with shouted racial slurs as rumors of a riot spread on social media. Two people were arrested on minor … Read the rest

Obama puts security in Africa first

Four years ago Africa greeted Barack Obama’s election with rapture, predicting America’s first black president would smother the continent with attention. But instead of warm hand-holding, Africa got hard-headed, security-first policies.

Africa’s response to Obama’s election in November 2008 was … Read the rest

Winning a battle of wits with a half wit

by Ilana Mercer

It was hard not to feel sorry for President Barack Obama during what was the first of three presidential debates. The dejected demeanor and the perpetually lowered gaze conjured an unprepared student peppered by a pedantic teacher … Read the rest

Romney-Obama debate aggressive

DENVER (AP) — In a showdown at close quarters, an aggressive Mitt Romney sparred with President Barack Obama in their first campaign debate Wednesday night over taxes, deficits and strong steps needed to create jobs in a sputtering national economy. … Read the rest

Treat Iran like South Africa – Romney

Mitt Romney accused President Barack Obama on Tuesday of trying to “paper over” deadly unrest and crises in the Middle East and failing to stand up to Iran in its quest for a nuclear bomb.

Shortly after the president laid … Read the rest