The browning of America

A review of Diversity Explosion: How New Racial Demographics Are Remaking America, by William H. Frey. By Christopher Caldwell

“We believe our diversity, our differences, when joined together by a common set of ideals, makes us stronger, makes us more … Read the rest

Cracks in Washington’s empire

Washington’s EU vassals might be finding their backbone. Britain, Germany, France, and Italy are reported to have defied Washington’s orders and applied to join the Chinese-led Asian Investment Bank. Australia, Japan, South Korea, Switzerland and Luxembourg might also join.

Washington … Read the rest

US turns to UN to hold off ICC case against Israel

The White House is about to turn to the UN to help force a deal between Israel and the Palestinians. The development also reflects deepening pessimism over the prospect of negotiations delivering peace between Israelis and Palestinians.

After years of … Read the rest

US senator fears for Europe if Damascus falls

A Virginia state senator who once thanked the Syrian government for defending Christians is worried about the fate of Damascus, the Middle East and Europe.

“If Damascus falls, the dreaded black and white flag of ISIS will fly” over Syria, … Read the rest

American diplomats receive Russian ‘gifts’

American diplomats, US Embassy consul for political affairs, Andrea Brouillet-Rodriguez and second secretary of the US Embassy, Christopher Grossman were presented with Russian “gifts”.

One of the presented photos, “Gorlovka Madonna,” is considered one of the symbols of war in … Read the rest

Cecil John Rhodes’ days are numbered

After a week of student protest, UCT vice-chancellor Max Price has given up on the statue of colonial war criminal and génocidaire Cecil John Rhodes. Price says it should be moved from its “pride of place, at the focal point … Read the rest

Carte Blanche presenter mugged on the job

An Indian journalist, Devi Sankaree Govender, working on current affairs for the programme Carte Blanche, was mugged while working on a story in Bloemfontein on Wednesday morning.

Sankaree Govender tweeted that her chain was ripped off her neck, but she … Read the rest

Canada knew NATO would be aiding extremists in Libya

Canadian military intelligence knew that NATO’s March 2011 intervention in Libya would aid militant theocratic Islamists aligned with al-Qaeda and could create long-term chaos in the country, according to David Pugliese, a reporter with The Ottawa Citizen, who obtained Canadian … Read the rest

Russia stages massive military exercises in response to NATO provocation

Russian military exercises this week range from the Arctic to the Pacific Ocean and involve tens of thousands of troops, the Defense Ministry said on Tuesday.

The Kremlin has voiced concern about U.S. plans to beef up its military presence … Read the rest

White woman assaulted for filming an assault by blacks

A heated debate turned into a violent racial altercation when black staff and management at the Centurion licensing centre apparently assaulted a white women filming an assault.

“I went with my father to the Centurion licensing offices. One of the … Read the rest

China producing arms at a faster clip than West

China has surpassed Germany to become the world’s third largest arms exporter, a Stockholm-based think tank said in a report on Monday.

China’s military spending has seen double-digit growth for decades, and Beijing has poured funds into modernizing its armed … Read the rest