The Colosseum of Courtroom Cretins

by Ilana Mercer

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American mainstream media is a Colosseum of cretins.

Take the attorney for the Trayvon Martin family, Jasmine Rand. Ms. Rand objected to the acquittal of Mr. Zimmerman,
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Do the perverts in power represent you?

by Ilana Mercer

House Republicans are waging a symbolic and futile battle to slash the Internal Revenue Service’s budget by $3 billion. Republicans,according to reports,want the tax-collectors to pay for “unfairly scrutinizing conservative groups applying for tax-exempt status.”… Read the rest

Independence and the Declaration of Secession

by Ilana Mercer

“Tea party,” “patriot,” “Constitution” and “Bill of Rights”: these keywords are the very stuff of the American Revolution, which took place during the last half of the 18th century. They are also some of the words that … Read the rest

Paula Deen, tell ’em all to go to hell – with their ‘racism’

by Ilana Mercer

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I miss journalist Andrew Breitbart. Although he was not a libertarian, he was at least interesting, and certainly courageous. “Go to hell” was the late Mr. Breitbart’s message to the National Association … Read the rest

Thank you for your service, Mr. Snowden

A heroic American whistleblower chooses, oh-so wisely, to expose Uncle Sam’s usurpations to the veteran reporters of the British Guardian and not to the partisan hacks of the American press. This fact tells you all you need to know about … Read the rest

On the war path with Samantha Power

Trust Republicans to give battle over the wrong broad and for the wrong reasons.

Political posturing aside, Susan Rice, whom Barack Obama has appointed to be his national security adviser – despite or perhaps because of her role in developing … Read the rest

Blade runner killing and the media blackout

by Ilana Mercer

After decades of indifference from America’s infotainment industry, imagine my surprise to hear TV anchors like Megyn Kelly of Fox News allude to the killing fields of South Africa.

South Africa should be in the news every … Read the rest

Self-segregation trumps imposed multiculturalism

Ilana Mercer on multiculturalism, political correctness, and more

FLORIDA, January 28, 2013 — Ilana Mercer is a rarity.

Originality is rare in punditry these days. Every time a new narrative-of-the-day arrives, we take refuge in groupthink rather than thinking for … Read the rest

The D-bomb has dropped

by Ilana Mercer

In our democracy – for we are no longer a republic that upholds individual rights and limits central power – you vote not for the representative who will defend your inalienable, individual rights. Rather, if you are … Read the rest