White Zim farmer and his family escape after horrific ordeal

For 16 years, the McKinnons endured the worst of Zimbabwe’s land invasions. On their farm near Harare, they survived kidnapping, torture, imprisonment, eviction attempts and criminal accusations.

It all came to an end when Africans dragged their furniture from their … Read the rest

US’ first African-bribery case

The United States’ first African-bribery case against a hedge fund is full of dramatic detail.

More than $100 million (paywall) in bribes, sometimes bags stuffed with cash, was paid from one of New York’s best known hedge funds, Och-Ziff Management … Read the rest

African ‘chess prodigy’ is nothing of the sort

The wider media has been quick to herald Phiona Mutesi a chess “prodigy.” She certainly faced odds, too: Born into poverty in Uganda, a young girl, learning and then competing in the world’s most competitive and ubiquitous board game. What … Read the rest

Bushmeat back on the menu as Ebola subsides

As the deadly outbreak of Ebola has subsided, people in several west African countries are flocking to eat bushmeat again after restrictions were lifted on the consumption of wild animals.

Ivory Coast, which neighbours two of the three countries where … Read the rest

Bob’s true likeness goes viral

British darling, anti-white Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe (pictured left), prancing beside a giant cartoonish statue of himself, could not rely on his blackness to stop his critics from laughing at him.

The 92 year-old, who has been the country’s president … Read the rest

Longest serving African dictator eats his enemies

The president of Equatorial Guinea may not be a household name – however those who have survived his brutal regime claim he is pure evil.

Teodoro Obiang Nguema, 74, has ruled over the country since 1979.

Known as “torturer-in-chief”, his … Read the rest

High risk of ‘modern slavery’

Almost 60 percent of countries are at high risk of using slave labor in their supply chains, according to a new global index launched on Thursday.

By assessing incidents of human trafficking or slavery, national laws, and the quality of … Read the rest

Ilana Mercer: On Trump tribalism and Clinton’s Sinophobia

Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party’s presumptive presidential nominee for 2016, has something in common with Donald Trump: Sinophobia.

During a 2011 visit to Zambia, she warned about “a new colonialism in Africa.” This time, the Chinese were to blame. As … Read the rest

At least one killed as riots hit DRC

At least one person was reported killed Thursday as rallies across DR Congo against President Joseph Kabila turned violent, with police firing tear gas in the capital Kinshasa and the eastern city of Goma.

Large numbers of riot police were … Read the rest

Yellow fever warning: World on brink of global deadly outbreak

Angola is in the grip of its worst yellow fever epidemic since 1986 with more than 250 deaths, and the disease is spreading rapidly – Kenya, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo have all reported cases.

Peru has had … Read the rest

Seven burned for possession of human bones

A gang from Malawi reportedly burned seven men to death for allegedly possessing human bones intended for use in witchcraft.

The incensed mob in the Nsanje district of Malawi are said to have attacked the suspects then set them on … Read the rest

Barclays to sell Absa

Barclays, based in London, has decided to sell its Africa operations, which includes the Absa Group, according to the Financial Times.

“Barclays does not own all of the equity, but it owns 100% of the risk if something goes wrong,” … Read the rest

EU offers Africa billions to stem migrant crisis

EU leaders will push their wary African counterparts to help tackle the migration crisis at a summit in Malta this week, offering them billions of euros in aid in exchange for cooperation.

Having recently pressed Turkey to stem the flow … Read the rest

Largest African military exercise held in SA

African integration has entered a new phase with the launch of the largest multi-country military exercise in South Africa.

The Amani Africa II field training exercise with more than 5,400 troops, are being held at the SA Army Combat Training … Read the rest