Dan Roodt: Afriforum and Ernst Roets’s betrayal

Recently, Ernst Roets sought to assure the world that Afriforum “rejects white nationalism”. Whatever he means by that is open to interpretation but he saw fit to characterise me as “white nationalists” in his statement.

I am the father … Read the rest

Where were Afriforum, Solidariteit, Radio Pretoria during Red October?

red_october_projby PB Prinsloo

Red October Pretoria was a huge success, as hoped for. The primary objective was to draw international attention to the situation in South Africa and the international media exposure was more than ever experienced at any other … Read the rest

Black students rally to keep racial privileges

Parliament should not “entertain” the memorandum by the youth wing of AfriForum, the Afrikaans rights lobby group, demanding universities should stop asking students to declare their race on application forms for placements and bursaries, said the Higher Education Transformation Network … Read the rest

Police bungle another farm attack case

stopfarmattacksAfriForum is considering legal action against a police investigator after a case was thrown out of court and a farm attacker was freed due to gross negligence by the police.

The victims of the attack, Mr Noël McSeveney, and his … Read the rest

Zapiro’s cartoon of Zuma is ‘vulgar’ – Afriforum

Zapiro’s latest cartoon is a “vulgar portrayal” of President Jacob Zuma, lobby group AfriForum said on Monday.

The cartoon was “a vulgar portrayal of the president [and] unproductive and in poor taste.” AfriForum spokesman Ernst Roets said in a statement.… Read the rest