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...or not to be? The British puppet dreams of a new scorched earth

Julius Malema suddenly turns attention on Afrikaners after British visit

It never takes too long for any black politician in South Africa to become a paid puppet of a foreign colonial power. Julius Malema wasted no time. Juju has suddenly…


Land reform and ‘Boerehaat’

by Dan Roodt Proletarian internationalism has never really inspired the so-called “silent majority” in South Africa, so it must count as one of the failures of the Left that they…

Cartoon by Zapiro, alias

Farm murders, white genocide and RedOctober

by Kevin King “Every action has an equal but opposite reaction” – Sir Isaac Newton In life, actions (physical or otherwise) also have reactions.  Somehow, an unknown number of actions,…


Boeremag show trial exposes South African legitimation crisis

by Dan Roodt Like Dan Roodt’s Facebook page The exceedingly harsh sentences handed down by Judge Eben Jordaan in the Boeremag trial have had a mixed reception in South Africa. On…

Dr Roodt

Red October march calls for end to black violence

Almost 600 Afrikaners marched on the Union Buildings on Thursday to protest white genocide. The Red October group released hundreds of red balloons to mark the day while calling for…


On the prejudices of ‘progressives’

by Dan Roodt Like Dan Roodt’s Facebook page My first question upon reading this sorry little ego trip from a Daily Maverick columnist who obviously thinks she deserves the Nobel prize…


Bantu imperialism

by Dan Roodt Like Dan Roodt’s Facebook page I was still pondering the implications of “black colonialism” as set out in a previous column when it struck me that some of…

Apartheid homelands

Apartheid wasn’t conceived in a vacuum

Expose entrenched racism as it manifests in contemporary South Africa but don’t assume your authority to equate (“all but small dissident groups of alternative”) Afrikaners with white supremacy. It was…