Hacker explains to FBI how he steered airliner mid-flight

A computer security expert has revealed that he accessed aircraft control systems on up to 20 occasions, according to an FBI search warrant.

The founder of One World Labs, Chris Roberts, was detained for questioning and had his hardware confiscated … Read the rest

French president declares contents of second black box missing

French President François Hollande said the contents of a second black box found on Wednesday were missing as investigators managed to extract audio recordings from the first flight recorder recovered from Germanwings flight 4U9525.

French investigators say they have succeeded … Read the rest

Former pilots speak out on latest MH17 claims

As the investigation into the MH17 tragedy continues in eastern Ukraine, the SU-25’s chief designer has told German media that the fighter jet could not possibly have taken down the passenger plane. RT spoke to former pilots about the jet’s … Read the rest

German intel report on MH17 contradicts Western version

The German BND foreign intelligence agency’s new report on the Boeing crash in Ukraine in fact contradicts the Western version on the causes of the tragedy. On Monday this opinion was voiced by Alexey Pushkov, the head of the foreign-affairs … Read the rest

German sanctions against Russia voted on pure speculation

A German parliamentarian, who is also chairman of the German Defense Committee and former member of the Yugoslavian OCSE, says the German government had no idea whether MH17 was actually shot down.

Alexander Neu, during an interview for Rossiya Segodnya, … Read the rest

Dutch foreign minister says MH17 victim wore oxygen mask

A passenger of the downed Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 was found with an oxygen mask over the mouth when the body was recovered from the crash site, Dutch Foreign Minister Frans Timmermans said on Wednesday.

Timmermans’ statement came in response … Read the rest

International experts have still not arrived at MH17 crash scene

The international community has been accusing the anti-Kiev forces on the ground of mishandling bodies and evidence at the crash site.

A day earlier a spokesperson from the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) Aleksandr Borodai, accused the international community of lacking … Read the rest