Al Qaeda urges attacks on super rich Americans

A notorious al Qaeda magazine is encouraging lone-wolf terrorist attacks on U.S. economic leaders, including Bill Gates, Michael Bloomberg and Warren Buffett.

The list in Inspire magazine also included industrialist brothers Charles and David Koch, internet entrepreneur Larry Ellison, and … Read the rest

US drone kills US, Italian hostages ‘by mistake’

The White House says two hostages, an American and an Italian, died in Pakistan earlier this year as the result of a United States-launched drone strike that also killed two US citizens involved with Al-Qaeda.

“It is with tremendous sorrow … Read the rest

EU funds terror through ransom payments

European governments are funding Al-Qaeda by paying ransoms for hostage releases, New York Times investigative journalist and Pulitzer Prize Finalist Rukmini Callimachi claims.

“Kidnapping Europeans for ransom has become a global business for Al-Qaeda, bankrolling its operations across the globe,” … Read the rest

Radical Muslim cleric and 3 others gunned down in Kenyan port city

mombasa_mapGunmen opened fire on a car in the Kenyan port city of Mombasa, killing four people, including a radical Muslim cleric, a media report said Friday.

The cleric, Sheikh Ibrahim Ismail, was seen as the successor to Aboud Rogo Mohammed, … Read the rest

Twitter hosting terror feeds and suggesting terrorists to follow

bridgetjohnsonBy Bridget Johnson.

Twitter has increasingly come under criticism for hosting terror feeds. Al-Shabaab is on it sixth account after getting suspended in the past for tweeting photos of a dead French special ops soldier, and most recently the Somali … Read the rest

Al Qaeda-linked chemical weapons program in Somalia?

A document filed before the attack on a shopping mall in Nairobi Kenya, in a still-developing terrorism case in New York seems to confirm the long-held fear that al Qaeda is working to develop chemical weapons.

On Wednesday, CBS NewsRead the rest

Syrian rebels, Al-Qaeda take control of historic Christian town

Syrian rebels, including jihadists linked to Al-Qaeda, have taken control of the historic Christian town of Maalula, north of Damascus, a watchdog and a resident said on Sunday.

Maalula is home to around 5,000 residents and is of strategic importance … Read the rest

Fort Hood shooter Nidal Hasan gets death sentence

A military jury sentenced a US Army officer to death Wednesday for carrying out an Al-Qaeda inspired mass shooting on the Fort Hood base in Texas that left 13 dead.

After a short deliberation, the forewoman of a jury of … Read the rest

Embassy threats ‘had no basis in fact’

droneattackA high-ranking Yemeni security official has told McClatchy that the Obama administration’s recently announced terror threat which supposedly targeted US embassies had “no basis in fact” and was manufactured merely to dampen opposition to drone strikes.

After initially warning of … Read the rest

Benghazi: CIA sent missiles to jihadis

Despite evidence showing the Benghazi attack was staged by a State Department hired jihadist security outfit in connection with an arms transfer to al-Qaeda mercenaries in Syria, the US MSM is pretending it does not know what happened in Libya … Read the rest

US intelligence intercepts ‘point to big Al-Qaeda attack’

The unusual US decision to close its diplomatic missions en masse in the Middle East Sunday was prompted by intercepts of high-ranking Al-Qaeda operatives signaling a major attack, US lawmakers said Sunday.

Lawmakers briefed on the intelligence called the threat … Read the rest

US seizure of journalist records called ‘chilling’

The US government’s secret seizure of Associated Press phone records had a “chilling effect” on newsgathering by the agency and other news organizations, AP’s top executive said Wednesday.

“Some longtime trusted sources have become nervous and anxious about talking with … Read the rest