Anti-white Zille says Verwoerd was evil and clever

It seems that outgoing Democratic Alliance (DA) leader, Hellen Zille will be a puppet-master to the newly-elected black party leader, Mmusi Maimane, since he is indebted to her for her support.

Maimane was elected the new party leader at the … Read the rest

Why are we so ‘backward’, Allister Sparks?

Allister Sparks is one of those raving left-liberal journalists for whom nothing in South Africa will ever detract from the utopia of being ruled by the ANC and South African Communist Party. Together with his protégé, Helen Zille, current leader … Read the rest

Foreign powers could stir up domestic conflict in SA

by Ewald Wessels

ALLISTER Sparks labels the 1913 Land Act “the original sin of all SA’s racist laws” (It’s time to end the disruptive migrant labour system, September 26), but he neglects to mention a critical fact: the 1913 Land … Read the rest