Anti-European Peter Sutherland, heir to the Duchess of Sutherland, Karl Marx

Much has been said about a man named Peter Sutherland. Sutherland is the United Nations Special Representative on migration, and he is an international businessman and former Attorney General of Ireland who has served in a variety of business and … Read the rest

BBC rejecting applicants because they are white

THE BBC has been blasted for rejecting work applicants because they are white.

It advertised two £25,000 junior scriptwriting roles for shows like Holby City, but said they were only for people from “ethnic minority backgrounds”.

One outraged job-hunter said: … Read the rest

Black singer sparks race row at Superbowl

A black singer strutted straight into a Black Power race row.

The pop star Beyoncé, 34, who had been accused of shunning her black heritage, stunned viewers by her anti-white performance.

She sang about police brutality and cops’ response to … Read the rest

A student’s perspective: Whiteness, anti-whiteness and White Guilt

On November, 20, 1963, when the majority of Xhosa-speaking people entered a polling booth for the first time in their lives, the consensus regarding separate development became clear in the largest South African homeland of Transkei. In total 880 425 … Read the rest

DA struggles to keep anti-white sentiments down

The DA has effectively outlawed the use of all racial terminology, in particular the “B-word” (boer) and the “H-word” (hotnot), both derogatory words used to describe whites and coloureds, respectively, saying they are just as bad as the “K-word” in … Read the rest

Anti-white Zille says Verwoerd was evil and clever

It seems that outgoing Democratic Alliance (DA) leader, Hellen Zille will be a puppet-master to the newly-elected black party leader, Mmusi Maimane, since he is indebted to her for her support.

Maimane was elected the new party leader at the … Read the rest

Ferguson police force ‘too white’

When an unarmed black teenager was shot by a white police officer recently, it cast a “blinding” spotlight on a small police department “struggling for authority and relevance” in a “changing” demography, the Washington Post writes.

Since the shooting, the

Read the rest

University wants to rid itself of white students

Too white
An all-white athletics team

A public university in Washington state is looking for advice on how to rid itself of white people.

According to Campus Reform,Western Washington University included a survey in its daily newsletter that read: How do we … Read the rest

Bling from ‘Whites are Devils’

Jay-Z wearing his bling

Black people are the fathers and mothers of civilization, white men are the devil, the Christian God is nothing more than a ghost and only a small percentage of people understand the world.

These are just … Read the rest

Liberalism is the real cause of witchcraft murders in South Africa

roodt_fbfotoby Dan Roodt

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Apparently Barack Obama has signed an executive order authorising $10 million to be spent on stopping the poaching of wildlife in Africa, including rhinoceri that are being … Read the rest

Racism worse for whites, study shows

American Freedom Fighters

The study polled roughly 200 white people and 200 black people drawn at random from a national census and asked them to rate racist attitudes against blacks and whites in each decade from 1950 to 2000.


Read the rest

PRAAG calls for boycott of ‘hate group’ Woolworths

The Pro-Afrikaans Action Group has called for a blanket boycott of chain store Woolworths, including the company’s Country Road brand. Woolworths recently made clear that it will not consider white job applicants.

Dr. Dan Roodt, leader of PRAAG, stated: “For … Read the rest

South African Airways no longer wants white pilots

Cadet pilot training course applications from white men are no longer being accepted by the SA Airways (SAA), it was reported on Friday.

SAA spokesman Kabelo Ledwaba told Beeld that the cadet programme was being advertised online as an initiative … Read the rest

Labour Court orders Denel to employ white woman

The Labour Court ruled in Solidarity’s favour yesterday by ordering Denel Dynamics to permanently appoint a member of the union retroactively as of 10 February 2011 following 24 months of service as a contract worker. Solidarity cautioned companies to stop … Read the rest