Liberal racist Allister Sparks bewildered by his teleprompter

Sparks backtracks furiously

Allister Sparks, notorious Boerhater, has apologised and blamed “senility” for his comments on Hendrik Verwoerd, in a bid not to push away more black DA voters.

Speaking at the DA congress in Port Elizabeth, he named apartheid architect Hendrik Verwoerd … Read the rest


British Labour Party holds segregated event

While Ed Miliband dreamt about multiculturalism in Britain, supporters joined hands in Birmingham for a segregated rally.

A Labour MEP for the West Midlands, proudly tweeted a picture of a Labour rally in Hodge Hill, in which seven Labour representatives … Read the rest

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Bob urges migrants not to go to SA

Other African nations should stop their citizens from migrating to South Africa to prevent violence against foreigners, Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe on Wednesday

A wave of anti-immigrant violence in South Africa has claimed seven lives in Durban and Johannesburg over … Read the rest