Australia on a manhunt for white woman who punched Asian girl on a train

Australian police are looking for a woman who allegedly punched a 15-year-old girl in the face during what they say was a racial attack on a Sydney train. A description of the assailant, who is described as “a Caucasian with … Read the rest

Low-tech power grid attack baffles authorities

They came after midnight, two or more armed individuals so deft that they cut telecommunication cables in an underground vault and outsmarted security cameras and motion sensors at the power substation in a remote corner of Santa Clara County.

At … Read the rest

‘Hush, Madam,’ I am stabbing you

knife_murderIn an ironic mixture of the master-servant code, a black criminal in Ellisras, Transvaal said to his female white victim: “Hush Madam.” At the same time he was stabbing her repeatedly with a home-made knife, according to a report in … Read the rest

One dead, 21 injured in US consulate attack in Afghanistan

Taliban militants attacked a US consulate in western Afghanistan Friday, killing an Afghan guard and injuring 21 people including 16 civilians, police said.

“Two attackers detonated their explosives-laden truck at the first entrance of the US consulate at 5:30 am … Read the rest