SA must learn new anthem and fly AU flag

President Jacob Zuma on Sunday urged South Africans to learn the African Union anthem, and asked companies and institutions to fly the African Union flag alongside that of the national flag.

“On this 21st year of being part of the … Read the rest

Zuma warns Africans against regime change

regimechangePresident Jacob Zuma says ideas to replace Africa’s democratically elected governments from outside the continent must be rejected.

The people of Africa must reject any idea from outside the continent, which would lead to regime change in an African state, … Read the rest

SA to deploy reservists in Mali, DRC

Civilians who have undergone military training could soon be called up for active service and be deployed on potentially deadly peace-keeping operations.

The South African army – already overstretched by peacekeeping deployments across the continent – is fast preparing for … Read the rest