Surf’s up: Antibiotic-resistant E.coli invading UK beaches

Perhaps it’s not too much of a surprise to learn that there’s a strong correlation between spending time in not-particularly-clean water and exposure to antibiotic-resistant bacteria. This is the revelation of a study presented Monday at the Society for General … Read the rest

Joburg serves contaminated food to their staff

Johannesburg City officials are served contaminated food at the Metro Centre as well as at functions catered for by food companies appointed by the City of Joburg.

In the city’s quarterly reports for January to March, it has been revealed … Read the rest

SA’s contaminated water poses danger to agriculture

riversSouth African river water is highly contaminated with a cocktail of bacteria. This water is used to irrigate agricultural produce all over the country and, if eaten raw, the contaminated food reaches and can cause illness in consumers.

This was … Read the rest