Rice wars simmer after Thai protest leader’s assassination

ricefarmersRegime gunmen assassinated celebrated Thai protest leader Sutin Taratin Sunday, during a brazen broad-daylight drive by shooting amid a melee between protesters and armed “red shirt” regime enforcers. Protests were held across the country at polling stations in opposition to … Read the rest

Dozens wounded in Thai bomb attack

A bomb attack wounded dozens of people at an opposition protest march in Thailand’s capital on Friday, sending tensions soaring following weeks of mass rallies aimed at overthrowing the government.

“The bomb went off about 30m from popular opposition figure … Read the rest

Thai protesters capture army HQ

thaiprotestSome 1,000 anti-government protesters in Bangkok have broken into the compound of the Royal Thai Army headquarters in their bid to topple the current government. The largely non-violent action has been going on since Monday.

“We want to know which … Read the rest