Nelson Mandela welcomed Bantustans

The NP under FW de Klerk started the negotiations with Nelson Mandela “well”, but abandoned most white demands in September 1992, leading to the current growing assault on property rights, says Hermann Giliomee. He recently gave a lecture in honour … Read the rest

Botswana president wins second term

Botswana President Ian Khama yesterday saw off the biggest challenge posed by the opposition since independence, winning a second term in power as his ruling party secured a majority at the polls.

His Botswana Democratic Party won at least 34 … Read the rest

How the Left lost control of South Africa

Not a day goes by without us here in South Africa being reminded of the “glorious revolution” of 1994, led by Nelson and Winnie Mandela, black fists held aloft. Perhaps “glorious revolution” is an apt term, borrowed from English history, … Read the rest

‘Tuigdorpen’: Word of the year

Amsterdam residents with a record of harassing their neighbors will be exiled, the city’s mayor announced. After being forced out, they will live under police supervision in special container housing units with only basic amenities.

­Authorities in the Dutch capital … Read the rest