Dan Roodt: Anglicising Afrikaans schools will speed up the country’s decline

It is astonishing that Mary Metcalfe, whose educational legacy in Gauteng was characterised by one foolish, abandoned experiment after the other, should pontificate on the issue of Afrikaans schools (“War talk won’t end language row”, June 5). The … Read the rest

Clinton funds conflict in Syria, Baltimore and now South Africa

The Hillary Clinton Diaspora Foundation supports the homecomingrevolution.com in South Africa. Their spokesperson Angel Jones is a Board Member of Roedean School. This private English school, one of the oldest and most expensive Anglican institutions in South Africa, features prominently … Read the rest

Europeans and Americans, Afrikaners and English

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I have just read an interesting article by Matthew Contessini, claiming that Europeans are “more pro-white than Americans”. The piece is full of speculative insights that … Read the rest