Ilana Mercer: Boers need a Hannah Arendt to give voice to their genocide

April the 15th marked Holocaust Memorial Day. Nearly everyone knows about the industrial killing of 6 million Jews, for no other reason than that they were Jews. “Serious historiography” of the subject has ensured that The Shoah, Holocaust in Hebrew, … Read the rest

The madness of humanitarian imperialism

Vladimir Putin is demonized by western media according to an old humanitarian agenda. The more imperialism is cruel, the more it pretends to be moral and humanitarian. This is not a paradox; not even a mark of hypocrisy. This is … Read the rest

EFF leader kicked out for calling whites ‘AmaBhulu’

The Sowetan reported that Bisho legislature speaker Noxolo Kiviet kicked EFF-leader Themba Wele out of the House on Tuesday for referring to white people in his speech as “AmaBhulu” (boers).

Wele was making his party’s presentation during the debate on … Read the rest

Queen Georgina and the Holocaust card

Georgina Guedes enjoying the Colonial Life
Georgina Guedes enjoying the Colonial Life

by Albert Brenner

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I must admit that I did not expect Georgina Guedes to do it. But then, maybe I underestimated the impact my column had on her. For … Read the rest

‘Vote or the Boers will be back!’

Cyril sharing with his 'Boer' friend Roelf Meyer
Cyril sharing with his ‘Boer’ friend Roelf Meyer

ANC deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa has urged Limpopo residents to vote or else the “Boers” will come back to power, according to a report. Ramaphosa evidently believes the black fear of whites … Read the rest

Master and slave


by Albert Brenner

It is always so amusing to witness the blatant hypocrisy on display when (the) Slave becomes Master. The Enlightenment philosopher Friedrich Hegel`s masterful little piece, the Master-Slave dialectic, has been the fons et origo of all the … Read the rest

How should we respond to calls for white genocide?


by Dan Roodt

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This week on Twitter a former UKZN student representative council member, Sfiso “Mabhiza” Mbatha, tweeted: “We gonna kill every white cockcroach that breath(es) SA’s air”, while adding, … Read the rest

Boer women and children died ‘due to backwardness’

The emaciated Lizzie van Zyl. She and other children died in British concentrations camps due to 'Boer backwardness', claims UCT academic

A letter writer in Business Day, as well as an academic at the University of Cape Town, Elizabeth van … Read the rest