French media call G7 ‘idiots’

Nicolas Bonnal of Boulevard Voltaire believes Russia is lucky that it wasn’t invited to the G7 summit this year, comparing the group to the company of hypocritical “idiots.”

As the West is reaching new heights of absurdity, Russia should be … Read the rest

BRICS face huge security issues says Putin

Security issues are an important sphere in the activity of BRICS member states (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) and they are related to the challenges the world community is currently facing, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday … Read the rest

Russia, Brazil, SA discuss possible joint military products

Russia, Brazil and South Africa are considering a possibility of joint development of military purpose products, deputy director of the Russian Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation Anatoly Punchuk said on Monday.

He is leader of the Russian delegation at Euronaval … Read the rest

Brazil’s president wins re-election

Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff narrowly won re-election on Sunday after convincing voters of her party’s strong record of reducing poverty over the last 12 years.

Rousseff won 51.6 percent of votes in a runoff against centrist opposition leader Aecio Neves, … Read the rest

Why the world needs a new reserve currency

It is symbolic that the recent BRICS summit in Fortaleza, Brazil, took place exactly seven decades after the Bretton Woods Conference that created the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. The upshot of the BRICS meeting was the announcement … Read the rest

Brazilian presidential candidate Eduardo Campos dies in plane crash

A private jet reportedly carrying Brazilian presidential candidate Eduardo Campos crashed Wednesday in the city of Santos, a member of Campos’ political party said.

Brazil’s Globo News has reported Campos has died, though the site did not say how the … Read the rest

Five Latin American countries recall ambassadors form Israel

El Salvador has joined four Latin American countries in recalling its Israel ambassador from Tel Aviv in protest at the military’s ground and air offensive in the Gaza Strip.

Brazil, Chile, Ecuador and Peru have all recalled their diplomatic representatives … Read the rest

Faith in Obama drops sharply in South Africa, Russia, Germany due to US spying, Ukraine crisis

Only 52% of South Africans believe that the USA take the protection of personal freedoms seriously. Overt the past year, the percentage of South Africans who still believe in the American president Barack Obama has dropped by 18 percentage points.… Read the rest

Black Brazilians fight ‘religious intolerance’

Religious syncretism is ever present in Brazil.“The evangelists deny a great section of Brazilian culture. Indeed, they are racist,” says a Candomble priestess.

Her indignation came after devil worshippers were stopped from slaughtering animals and performing rituals in some newly … Read the rest

British newspapers try to salvage melting pot after Brazilian defeat

There was a marked difference between the Brazilian and British coverage on the Brazilian soccer defeat of 1-7 against Germany.

The Brazilian sport daily Lance called the crushing loss of Brazil against Germany “The Biggest Shame in History.” “The Maracanazo … Read the rest

Africans in World Cup Soccer match-fixing scandal

Ghana has been exposed as agreeing to take part in international football matches organised by match fixers.

An undercover investigation found that the President of Ghana’s Football Association agreed for the team to play in international matches that others were … Read the rest