Washington politicizes soccer

Washington’s attack on world soccer is following the script of Washington’s attack on the Russian-hosted Sochi Olympics. The difference is that Washington couldn’t stop the Olympics from being held in Sochi, and was limited to scaring off westerners with lies … Read the rest

Bribes get illegal immigrants into SA

A Zimbabwean who says he bribed police officers at the Beit bridge border post to let him into the country, says corruption is hampering the South African government’s efforts to prevent foreigners from entering the country illegally.

The Minister of … Read the rest

Motlanthe clone on Facebook cons users

facebookA person pretending to be Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe on social media has been trying to solicit bribes from members of the public, Motlanthe’s office confirmed on Friday.

“This impostor, on Facebook, asked someone to pay him in [United Kingdom] … Read the rest