Germany’s Bundesbank resumes gold repatriation

The Bundesbank successfully continued and further stepped up its transfers of gold last year. In 2014, 120 tonnes of gold were transferred to Frankfurt am Main from storage locations abroad: 35 tonnes from Paris and 85 tonnes from New York. … Read the rest

Frankfurt: First European direct settlements in Chinese yuan

European companies now have the opportunity to settle trading accounts in Chinese yuan. The Bank of China in Frankfurt has become the first to operate European yuan clearing. Trading costs will be cut as there will be no dollar exchange … Read the rest

Conflict between Bundesbank and Draghi intensifies

The conflict between ECB President Mario Draghi and Bundesbank President Jens Weidmann over the course of the European Central Bank is more severe than expected, and has become “almost impossible.”

The Italian ECB chief characterizes the Bundesbank president after statements … Read the rest

Silence is Golden: BuBa backing away from gold repatriation

bar-of-goldI am typically hesitant to highlight foreign articles that have been translated by others from languages I can’t comprehend. That said, Koos Jansen of In Gold We Trust, is someone who does great work and so I am running with … Read the rest

Bundesbank: China’s currency fast becoming global reserve currency

chinacurrencyFollowing the most recent shift ‘away’ from a USD-centric world (with the China-Australia direct currency convertibility), it seems the possibility of China’s Yuan as the next global reserve currency is getting closer. The Brits, Germans, and now the Swiss (who … Read the rest