Mayor of Paris, minister call for ban on French comedian Dieudonne

The mayor of Paris is also calling for comedian Dieudonne M’bala M’bala, known for his anti-Jewish humour, to be banned from performing in public.

France’s interior minister, Manuel Valls, voiced his displeasure first in wanting Dieudonne, as he is known, … Read the rest

Cameroon’s mothers ‘iron’ daughters’ breasts to delay puberty

by Anne Mireille Nzouankeu and Kristin Palitza

It happened a long time ago, two full decades, but Raissa Nana’s painful memories have remained fresh.

“My mother began to flatten my chest when I was 11. Every evening, she heated a … Read the rest

Another gay rights activist killed in Africa

evilgaysA prominent gay rights activist in Cameroon was tortured and killed just weeks after issuing a public warning about the threat posed by “anti-gay thugs,” Human Rights Watch said.

Friends discovered the body of Eric Ohena Lembembe at his home … Read the rest