Scientists steer nanomotors inside living human cells

nanomotorsScientists at Penn State University have successfully controlled tiny nanomotors inside living human cells. Consisting of tiny, rocket-shaped bits of metal, the nanomotors were propelled by ultrasonic waves and steered with magnets. Researcher Tom Mallouk wasn’t afraid to talk up … Read the rest

Outdoor air pollution classified as carcinogenic by World Health Organization

air pollutionby Melissa Roper

It is not yet certain if climate change is the result of anthropogenic-sourced carbon emissions or, on the contrary, is a Sun-influenced phenomenon. As the debate on global warming versus global cooling continues, results of recent research … Read the rest

Fracking will pollute water, causing cancer

KwaZulu-Natal – SA’s top water research body has warned the government to think carefully about the serious risk of water pollution from cancer-causing chemicals and radioactive compounds from future underground “fracking” operations across huge swathes of the country.

A new

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Cancer patients dying in South African hospitals due to non-treatment

Public hospitals are the lifeline of most South Africans, with 41 million people dependent on the public health system. Of the 50 million people in South Africa , only about eight million are covered by medical insurance . Yet poor … Read the rest