Ukraine crisis raises risk for nuclear reactors

chernobyl09Ukraine’s volatility exacerbates the risk for the country’s 15 Soviet-style nuclear reactors, warn German experts. They demand more attention for the country where the world’s worst nuclear accident took place.

The recent news of a water shortage due to a … Read the rest

Remember Chernobyl?

chernobyl09The 1986 Ukrainian nuclear disaster of Chernobyl was in nuclear weapons-equivalent terms a very large-sized nuclear device, probably releasing 130 kilograms of very highly enriched uranium and plutonium, as well as other long-lived deadly nuclides.

In very approximate terms this … Read the rest

‘Security at Ukraine’s nuclear plants unreliable’

Rosatom, or the Russian Federal Atomic Energy Agency, has asked the IAEA to check the security and safety of Ukraine’s nuclear power plants. This was reported by Deputy Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, who briefed President Vladimir Putin on Rosatom’s … Read the rest