‘Negro’ erased from Swedish children’s literature series

The word “negro” will be erased from the new Swedish editions of the book series about Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren, Swedish media report. Karin Nyman, Lindgren’s daughter, has given her consent after having pondered the idea for several years.… Read the rest

Bantu imperialism


by Dan Roodt

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I was still pondering the implications of “black colonialism” as set out in a previous column when it struck me that some of South Africa’s ethnic categories … Read the rest

Oz lauds ‘Asian Century’

Julia Gillard has committed to 25 far-reaching goals over the next 13 years designed to tighten links with Asia and ensure that Australians are able to exploit the region’s “staggering” growth.

The measures, outlined in a report by a government-appointed

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