How Churchill starved 4 million Indians

By Ramtanu Maitra

Madhusree Mukerjee’s book [Churchill’s Secret War: The British Empire and the Ravaging of India during World War II, New York, Basic Books, 2010] is not a denunciation of British rule of India, but a meticulous chronicling of … Read the rest

FW’s Folly, a cautionary tale

Cartoon_ZAPIRO_FW_De_Klerk_speaks_with_a_forked_Tongueby Gustav Venter

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FW de Klerk, pink peeling face bloated as if by cortisone, funereal smile stretched under dull eyes, his political ideas as obsolete as a typewriter, his opinion blighted by the ridicule of … Read the rest

Foreign powers could stir up domestic conflict in SA

by Ewald Wessels

ALLISTER Sparks labels the 1913 Land Act “the original sin of all SA’s racist laws” (It’s time to end the disruptive migrant labour system, September 26), but he neglects to mention a critical fact: the 1913 Land … Read the rest