War on white Christians gaining in the US

The culture war against Christianity is picking up speed, says Patrick Buchanan.

Last week came word Saint Louis University will remove a heroic-sized statue of Father Pierre-Jean De Smet S.J. from the front of Fusz Hall, where it has stood

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‘West still treats Africa as former vassals’

Western “colonial” states are not interested in South Africa’s development, but rather want to take its natural resources and never give anything back, pres. Jacob Zuma, told RT. It’s China’s investment that Zuma sees as a way to prosperity.

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Could ignorance about Paul Kruger be real?

Tshwane officials on Monday said it was still unclear who had defaced the historical statue of Paul Kruger at Church Square in the Pretoria city centre.

“No one has claimed responsibility for it,” said mayoral spokesperson Blessing Manale.

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Cecil John Rhodes’ days are numbered

After a week of student protest, UCT vice-chancellor Max Price has given up on the statue of colonial war criminal and génocidaire Cecil John Rhodes. Price says it should be moved from its “pride of place, at the focal point … Read the rest

Britain’s shameful part in Mugabe’s tyranny

I can’t imagine that anyone in his right mind would actually want to go to the 91st birthday party of Robert Gabriel Mugabe which takes place this Saturday.

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How Churchill starved 4 million Indians

By Ramtanu Maitra

Madhusree Mukerjee’s book [Churchill’s Secret War: The British Empire and the Ravaging of India during World War II, New York, Basic Books, 2010] is not a denunciation of British rule of India, but a meticulous chronicling of … Read the rest

‘92% of South African whites are racist’

I read the previous column by Jonny Steinberg on Oscar Pistorius. In my view that article was too general and gave an incorrect view on the opinions of blacks.

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‘White conservatives behind SA’s rape epidemic’

One Bruce Gorton writes in Timeslive that white conservatives are the ones behind the South African corrective rape epidemic.

“Sure there are liberal rapists, but they aren’t doing it to people specifically for being gay,” Gorton says.

Consider this –

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The new SA colonials have arrived

fujianWithout as much as a whisper the South African government allowed at least 400.000 Chinese to swamp the country during the past six years. Chinese migrants, mainly from the overpopulated Fujian province in China, have been shipped off to South … Read the rest

Zambia’s ethnic worries

Zambia recently woke up to a story in state-owned media that a group calling itself Tongas Under Oath had killed two people belonging to President Michael Sata’s ethnic group, and was now in the process of removing settlers from the … Read the rest

Former SA ambassador examines the land question

Paulo MndlovuJustice Piitso says the question of the ownership of the economy is the nerve centre of the struggles of the people

A revolution will remain incomplete without the resolution of the fundamental question of land ownership.

Next week the people … Read the rest