Zuma reiterates that Eskom’s problems are the fault of whites and ‘apartheid’

President Jacob Zuma used the ANC’s January 8 birthday rally to absolve his government from responsibility of the energy crises gripping the country, according to reports from the ANC shindig in Cape Town.

Zuma told over 50 000 of ANC … Read the rest

Czech artist gives Communists and Leftists the Finger

thefingerThe Czech artist David Cerny’s sculpture floats in the Vltava River and is aimed at the presidential residence, Prague Castle, in the background.

Mr. Cerny is not known for understatement or diplomacy after displaying a caricature of a former Czech … Read the rest

Black mob threatens school over its Afrikaans language medium

Heidelberg_ANCA mob chanting that they will burn the headmaster of an old and prestigious high school east of Johannesburg yesterday marched on the school, led by local politicians from the South African Communist Party and the ANC.

One of the … Read the rest

Controversies around Greece’s Golden Dawn party: a timeline

Golden Dawn, the aggressive Greek right-wing party making headlines in the crisis-hit country after the murder of an anti-fascist musician, has gone from provocation to provocation in its short career in Greece’s parliament.

The party’s 18 lawmakers have been accused … Read the rest