Hofmeyr, Roodt vow to fight on for Afrikaans

A magistrate at the Randburg Magistrates Court, Naren Sewnarain, accepted the arguments put forward by Conrad Koch that there exists American-style freedom of speech in South Africa and everyone may insult everyone else in the grossest of manners, as well … Read the rest

Steve Hofmeyr in Pierre de Vos’s kangaroo court

Just the other day a gigantic coal silo collapsed, creating Eskom, our state electricity utility’s latest crisis, plunging parts of the country into the dark. Photographs of cracks appearing in the edifice had already been published in January, yet nothing … Read the rest

Reply to Rebecca Davis, the Anglo-supremacist genius

Ms. Davis, or perhaps I should address you as “Your Majesty”, given that you have already assured us of your elect status as a member of the planetary cognitive elite by modestly stating on Twitter:

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Court grants Steve Hofmeyr protection against Missing campaign

An interim protection order was granted on Wednesday to popular Afrikaans singer Steve Hofmeyr against Conrad Koch, after Koch launched a massive libelous campaign against Hofmeyr.

Koch, in his anxious efforts to damage Hofmeyr’s reputation, also inter alia stated in … Read the rest