Daily Show: Brainwashing a generation with lies

Brian Williams lied about his personal exploits many times, but Jon Stewart was unabashedly and habitually dishonest. Any standard liberal publication was as likely to contain an unflattering thought about Stewart as L’Osservatore Romano is to run a hit piece … Read the rest

Whites and conservatives have no rights in SA

A senior researcher at the Institute for Security Studies, confirmed in Johannesburg on Monday that farm attacks were motivated by racial hatred.

“There are allegations of race and politics being the motivation but these cannot be substantiated,” Johan Burger claimed … Read the rest

Study: Conservatives and liberals smell different

A new study from the American Journal of Political Science indicates that different political affiliations may actually correspond with different body odors.

The researchers, led by Brown University political scientist Rose McDermott, found that conservatives and liberals smell dissimilar. While … Read the rest

South Africans are very conservative Pew finds

South Africans are very conservative according to findings by an independent American fact tank Pew Research Centre.

Speaking on the poll, former Constitutional Court Justice Zak Yacoob said there was a “huge disconnect” between societal values and the constitution.

Pew … Read the rest