British Parliament vote against Syrian attack

The British vote against military strikes in Syria is a tough blow to Prime Minister David Cameron’s domestic political fortunes.

Since taking office in 2010, he has on numerous occasions been undercut not just from opposition parties, but also from … Read the rest

‘Anti-immigration is not racist’

ukimmigrationThe success of British Prime Minister David Cameron’s flagship immigration policy was called into serious question on Sunday, dealing him a potential blow ahead of 2015 elections by playing into the hands of a populist anti-immigration party.

A report by … Read the rest

Clive Derby-Lewis to apply for medical parole

Former Conservative Party MP Clive Derby-Lewis will apply for medical parole because he is ill, his wife Gaye Derby-Lewis told Eyewitness News on Monday.

She planned to file the papers in the next few weeks and hoped the attempt would … Read the rest