Tories’ repeal of Human Rights Act could spark constitutional crisis

Newly appointed Justice Secretary Michael Gove will push ahead with Conservative plans to repeal the Human Rights Act – a move experts warn could spark a constitutional crisis and blight Britain’s reputation on human rights worldwide.

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‘White conservatives behind SA’s rape epidemic’

One Bruce Gorton writes in Timeslive that white conservatives are the ones behind the South African corrective rape epidemic.

“Sure there are liberal rapists, but they aren’t doing it to people specifically for being gay,” Gorton says.

Consider this –

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Liberals have false sense of uniqueness

libsNew research published in the scientific journal Psychological Science has found that people who identify themselves as liberals tend to underestimate the amount of actual agreement among those who share their political views, while people who are conservative tend to … Read the rest

Ann Coulter’s Mugged, a review

Many in the Dissident Right/ Right Opposition have criticized Ann Coulter as the epitome of the cable news partisanship. However, next to Pat Buchanan, she probably speaks more taboo truths than anyone else with Main Stream Media [MSM] access.

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