Britten’s indifference

One very positive side-effect of the Red October protest was that it aired the stale house of the MSM in Mandelatopia. This breath of fresh air made the usual suspects, and a few newbies, cough convulsively, as expected.

The loudest … Read the rest

‘SA’ is for Sadists’ Apocalypse


by Dan Roodt

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In a recent article in the Sunday Independent, Gillian Schutte mistakenly blames so-called “white conservative narratives” for the appalling sexual violence that is sweeping South Africa … Read the rest

‘Corrective rape’ of black lesbian resulted in murder

corrective_rapeThe family of a woman killed in a suspected “corrective rape” has called for harsh sentences for her attackers, Beeld newspaper reported on Tuesday.

Joyce Ngejane, the aunt of Duduzile Zozo, told the Afrikaans daily at her Thokoza home, east … Read the rest