FW de Klerk Foundation kow-tows to its critics after ‘apartheid statement’

The FW de Klerk Foundation has completely retracted its previous statement that characterising “apartheid” as a “crime against humanity… was, and remains, an ‘agitprop’ project initiated by the Soviets and their ANC/SACP allies to stigmatise white South Africans” (see below).

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Majority of white South Africans disagree ‘black poverty due to apartheid’

Buried in a recent report from the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation, is an indication that the media and educational inisitutions have largely failed in brainwashing white South Africans about the country’s past. A majority of whites (54,3%) disagree with … Read the rest

Apartheid protected us from Africa’s ‘dark eye’

by Dan Roodt

In response to my letter originally published in Business Day and available as a column here, Apartheid evil is hype, there has been at least three irate replies (see underneath) and one of support, Apartheid better Read the rest