Jew secretly films Parisian reactions to his religion

A journalist wearing a religious skullcap in Paris had the French public’s reaction filmed by a hidden camera.

Zvika Klein, a reporter for Jewish news outlet NRG, walked in the city for ten hours wearing a kippah – also known … Read the rest

Denmark’s central bank to stop printing money

With more and more people paying with credit cards and their smartphones, Denmark’s central bank Nationalbanken says it no longer pays to print banknotes or mint coins.

By the end of 2016, Nationalbanken plans to outsource all of its printing … Read the rest

Warning: Washington and its NATO, EU vassals are insane

By Paul Craig Roberts.

Herbert E. Meyer, a nutcase who was a special assistant to the CIA director for a period during the Reagan administration, has penned an article calling for Russian President Putin’s assassination. If we have “ to … Read the rest

Canada gets confrontational about Arctic

Canada is ready for a confrontation with Russia if it expands its ambitions in the Arctic region, Foreign Minister John Baird told a Danish newspaper. The oil-rich region is set to become a key political battleground in the coming decades.… Read the rest

EU will lift sanctions on Russia says Danish bank

The European Union will lift the sanctions it has imposed on Russia over the situation in Ukraine in one to three months, according to research conducted by the Danske Bank.

“We believe an escalating trade war would be unbearable for … Read the rest

Zuma: ‘Don’t worry, I am safe’

An example of leadership stability? Royal family of Denmark
An example of leadership stability? Royal family of Denmark

by Johann Theron

Leaders traditionally do not classify themselves. This allows a sort of evolutionary anticipation towards emerging scenarios which makes identification of the “next” leader difficult. In this sense leaders … Read the rest

Iceland moves to withdraw EU application

Faroe Islands
Faroe Islands

Iceland’s government will seek parliamentary approval to withdraw its application to join the European Union, opting not to restart accession talks that were put on ice a year ago.

A bill proposing the withdrawal was sent to parliament … Read the rest

Scraping the bottom of the barrel on Syria

Right behind the US on Syria
Albanians right behind the US on Syria

It’s not likely to ease Americans’ concerns about going to war, but the White House announced Monday that Albania is on board with the Obama administration’s plans to punish Syria.

Tiny Estonia, too, … Read the rest