American diplomats receive Russian ‘gifts’

American diplomats, US Embassy consul for political affairs, Andrea Brouillet-Rodriguez and second secretary of the US Embassy, Christopher Grossman were presented with Russian “gifts”.

One of the presented photos, “Gorlovka Madonna,” is considered one of the symbols of war in … Read the rest

Ukrainian army leaves fracking equipment behind

On the outskirts of the village of Shishkovo under the snow and rain rusts the expensive equipment: four residential trailers for employees, diesel substation and equipment for conducting seismic surveys. Judging by the labels this equipment was certified in the … Read the rest

Kiev, militia agree on ceasefire

Kiev officials and representatives of the two self-proclaimed republics in southeastern Ukraine have agreed to a ceasefire, as the contact group met behind closed doors in Belarus.

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has confirmed the ceasefire agreement on his Twitter account.… Read the rest

Putin urges ‘humanitarian corridor’ for besieged Kiev troops

Russian President Vladimir Putin called on self-defence forces in Ukraine to open a “humanitarian corridor” to allow besieged Ukrainian troops to retreat.

“I call on the self-defence forces to open a humanitarian corridor for the Ukrainian troops who are surrounded, … Read the rest