Ukraine military ‘to boost forces in the east’ as Mariupol airport falls to rebels

Kiev “sees no alternative” to the Minsk ceasefire accords, President Petro Poroshenko said. However, the Ukrainian military is building up troops in the east to conduct “an adequate response” to the militia advancement, the Defense Ministry stated.

The violence in … Read the rest

Opera diva supports Ukrainian separatists

The Russian-Austrian opera soprano Anna Netrebko has given support to east Ukrainian separatists, posing with one of their top political leaders and holding up the flag of Novorossia, a self-declared amalgamation of territory that is seeking independence from Kiev.

Netrebko, … Read the rest

German intel report on MH17 contradicts Western version

The German BND foreign intelligence agency’s new report on the Boeing crash in Ukraine in fact contradicts the Western version on the causes of the tragedy. On Monday this opinion was voiced by Alexey Pushkov, the head of the foreign-affairs … Read the rest

St. Andrew’s flag flies over Scotland and Donetsk

By Dmirti Minin.

That’s the way the history goes. The St. Andrew’s flag is flown in two places in Europe situated at great distance from each other. Scotland and Novorossia are struggling for their national identity under the same colors. … Read the rest

Kiev, militia agree on ceasefire

Kiev officials and representatives of the two self-proclaimed republics in southeastern Ukraine have agreed to a ceasefire, as the contact group met behind closed doors in Belarus.

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has confirmed the ceasefire agreement on his Twitter account.… Read the rest

Putin: Kiev should consider federal system

Russia will not interfere in the choice of a model for state development by Ukraine, president Vladimir Putin said, adding that he could not understand why the authorities in Kiev were opposing federalization of their country. “For some unclear reason, … Read the rest

American military contractors arrive in Ukraine

greystoneA resident of Donetsk has posted a photo of soldiers on a social networking service site. The soldiers, outside a local military enlistment office, were armed with sub-machineguns and light-weight machineguns and spoke English. They wore the uniform that was … Read the rest