SA teacher solicits sex talk from young child

Disturbing footage depicting a primary school pupil recounting a sexual encounter she had apparently been exposed to at home has emerged on social media.

The exact location of the school could not be confirmed, but language used in the 40-second … Read the rest

American pastor firebombed as coloured gang violence errupts in Durban

A packed church was petrol-bombed as coloured gang war gripped Wentworth, Durban.

A visiting pastor from America had been preaching to a packed church hall when the incident happened.

A man was also shot dead and a 71-year-old woman hit … Read the rest

Killing of protected python causes outcry

African Snakebite Institute Managing Director Johan Marais caused a social media flurry when he condemned the killing of a rare snake with words such as savage, barbaric, and uneducated.

In the pictures and video, taken by Yolandi Pearce and posted … Read the rest

Mall collapse company getting millions in contracts

The controversy-riddled construction company, Gralio Precast, which is linked to ANC benefactor Jay Singh, continues to cash in on multimillion-rand tender contracts from the eThekwini Municipality.

This was despite the company’s having previously been chastised by government departments and the … Read the rest

‘Xenophobic attacks won’t affect SA relations with Zim’

Zimbabwe’s Consul-General in South Africa, Henry Mukonoweshuro, says diplomatic ties between South Africa and Zimbabwe will not be affected by the on-going xenophobic attacks in the greater eThekwini Metropolitan Municipality.

Hundreds of foreign nationals from Zimbabwe, the Democratic Republic of … Read the rest

South African beaches more segregated than ever: claim

The South African Sunday Times has done a “snap survey” and found that “a quarter of a century after beach apartheid was scrapped, South Africa’s bathing spots are still mainly segregated”. The newspaper says that “most lovers still flock to … Read the rest

Not banking on a black legal department

The black eThekwini Municipality in Durban has set aside R12.8 million to pay mostly white lawyers, even though it has its own black legal department with 28 legal advisers.

This comes as the city faces a barrage of civil lawsuits … Read the rest

African railroads secure raw materials for resource-hungry China

railafricachinaThe Chinese, investing heavily in Africa to secure its oil and other raw materials for their expanding economy, are spearheading a new era of railroad building to unlock the continent’s interior.

This is an echo of the long-gone colonial empires … Read the rest

‘They are calling us bantus’: ANC leader

Senzo Mchunu
Senzo Mchunu

There was still a place in the country where blacks were called bantus, delegates, and homelanders, the ANC’s KwaZulu-Natal leader Senzo Mchunu said in Durban on Sunday.

“It is the same people in the Western Cape who call … Read the rest