Why South Africa has blackouts and ‘load shedding’

Rolling blackouts last year had South Africans firing up candles, flashlights and generators after crisis-plagued Eskom Holdings SOC Ltd., which provides most of the country’s electricity, failed to meet demand. The power crunch has since eased thanks to fewer unplanned … Read the rest

Zuma reiterates that Eskom’s problems are the fault of whites and ‘apartheid’

President Jacob Zuma used the ANC’s January 8 birthday rally to absolve his government from responsibility of the energy crises gripping the country, according to reports from the ANC shindig in Cape Town.

Zuma told over 50 000 of ANC … Read the rest

Fracking, climate change, solar in the security mix

The global oil market is going through an upheaval, with non-OPEC production led by North American producers surging while OPEC’s traditional price-setting role changes. First, US oil production and proven oil reserve growth over the past several years is astonishing. … Read the rest

Zuma blames ‘apartheid’ for South Africa’s power crisis

South Africa’s energy problems were a product of apartheid and government was not to blame for the current blackouts, President Jacob Zuma said.

“The problem [is] the energy was structured racially to serve a particular race, not the majority,” Zuma … Read the rest

Nuclear trumps shale and gas

The signing in Vienna – at the margins of the 58th session of the International Atomic Energy Agency General Conference – of a strategic nuclear partnership between Russia and South Africa, has met with criticism from the mining sector.

The … Read the rest

SA and Russia sign nuclear agreement

Russia and South Africa have signed an intergovernmental agreement on strategic partnership in nuclear energy sector opening the possibility of construction of nuclear reactors in the country using Russian technologies, state nuclear corporation Rosatom said Monday.

“The agreement creates a … Read the rest