Emerging markets eye renminbi as alternative to dollar

With some effort, it is possible to discern the outline of a future “renminbi zone” emerging as a rival to the “dollar zone” that has dominated the world’s financial system since the end of the second world war.

Though still … Read the rest

Major banks admitting the dollar is in trouble

oxywashingtonOn Feb. 16, a Bank of America analyst announced that the global economy is giving out clear warning signs that the dollar is entering into serious trouble, which adds more credence to John Williams recent assertion that 2014 will be … Read the rest

SA suffering a ‘crisis of confidence’

Since 1994, the South African currency’s value has correlated with the emerging market index, the result of its status the currency of reference across emerging markets.

“It seems now like the market is starting to think that South Africa’s internal … Read the rest