Telkom targets whites

Telkom plans to target white, male employees when making job cuts that may affect more than 2,600 managers at South Africa’s largest fixed-line phone company, according to labor unions.

The carrier will consider “employment equity” when deciding who to dismiss, … Read the rest

SAIRR: Rising expectations lead to more violent uprisings

opstandRising expectations and youth unemployment have been identified as some of the sources of violent protests which have increased dramatically in the country in recent months.

The South African Institute of Race Relations, SAIRR’s programme manager and researcher, Georgina Alexander, … Read the rest

‘Embrace new affirmative action bill’: Black Management Forum

affirmativeactionThe Black Management Forum urged the private sector on Friday to embrace the Employment Equity Amendment Bill.

“The BMF applauds the passing of the EE Amendment Bill in Parliament and encourages corporate South Africa to embrace the amendments,” the organisation … Read the rest

Education, not race determines employment in South Africa – SAIRR

Educational achievement is a more important indicator of why people are employed rather than race, the SA Institute of Race Relations (Sairr) said on Wednesday.

“The proportion of people by race in professional positions closely mirrors the proportion of people … Read the rest

Afrikaners are a lost cause, Dan Roodt

By English-speaking Patriot

Dear Dan Roodt, congratulations on your letter about apartheid in Business Day and here on And did you see the knee jerk reaction from the liberals, the Afrikaans jingoes and the “others” in Business Day? … Read the rest

ANC minister praises Woolworths

Labour Minister Mildred Oliphant on Friday lauded retailer Woolworths’ stance on employment equity.

“As [the] government of South Africa and those that seek genuine transformation, we shall continue to encourage companies like Woolworths to continue with the transformation and integration … Read the rest