Dan Roodt: Look to Canada and Belgium to solve South African language crisis

SA’s language crisis is now even debated in English, after 20 years of vehement exchanges in Afrikaans. Kelly-Jo Bluen’s politically correct blather about white guilt and racism may be easily dismissed as a kind of Freudian “boerehaat” (Selective white Read the rest

Dan Roodt: Afrikaners should reject English and create an alternative Afrikaans economy

The notion that English will become the only educational and university language of South Africa, as argued by Anthony Still in Business Day as well as the City Press newspaper is not only breathtaking in its arrogance but also farfetched. … Read the rest

White dual-language crèche accused of racism

The white owner of a Pretoria crèche told eNCA on Monday that allegations of racism at the school are not true.

The crèche held two separate concerts for black and white children. Blacks speak English while Afrikaners speak Afrikaans.

“It’s … Read the rest

Dan Roodt: South Africa’s language war

South Africa is scaling new heights of ubuesque absurdity in the demand that the University of Stellenbosch should impose English as its “main language”. South Africa is already drowning in English universities where the slogan is apparently that they should … Read the rest

Terrorists in Mali spoke English

Reuters reported that a famous Guinean singer who was among 170 people taken hostage on Friday by Islamist gunmen in the Radisson Blu hotel in Mali’s capital, Bamako, said he heard attackers in the next room speaking English.

“I heard … Read the rest

English, the language of ISIS

Strict candidate descriptions released by the jihadi fighters insist that prospective nurses must be under 25, be willing to work anywhere inside ISIS territory and must speak fluent English.

Nurses working under ISIS must speak fluent English under strict new … Read the rest

Reply to Neels Blom: Let’s reject English-only education

I was simply astonished to read Neels Blom’s bizarre appeal in a recent edition of Business Day that “education at all levels will have to be in English”. Are we not seeing precisely the implosion of “English education”, … Read the rest

Ilana Mercer: Alas, Donald Trump is no cultural Marxist

Trump Walking The Culturally Conservative Talk
By Ilana mercer

WHEN IN THE US, SPEAK ENGLISH. Donald Trump’s retort to Jeb Bush’s rattling off in Spanish on the campaign trail conjures an old joke told in Israel of my youth. It … Read the rest

Letter: By what right may government decide what language I should use?

I write in English to accomodate readers who aren’t bright enough to speak more than one language; those who do not understand Afrikaans.

I write anonymously as I am not pursuing a career in politics or in media. Further I … Read the rest

US now has more Spanish speakers than Spain

The United States is now the world’s second largest Spanish-speaking country after Mexico, according to a new study published by the prestigious Instituto Cervantes.

The report says there are 41 million native Spanish speakers in the US plus a further … Read the rest

Afrikaans schools win first round against forced anglicization

Disgruntled parents of single-medium Afrikaans schools dragged Gauteng education MEC Panyaza Lesufi to court and won the first round.

Fedsas said Lesufi’s decision to make parents apply for admission electronically was merely an effort to take control of the placement … Read the rest

The Killer language takes Cannes

This year’s Cannes Film Festival was greeted with consternation when a commonality was noticed across many of the festival’s in-competition selections: the Killer language, English.

Though there are only two American filmmakers in competition for Cannes’ Palme d’Or and no

Read the rest

UCT discovers that English is a barrier to black students

The University of Cape Town’s College of Accounting, concerned by high drop-out rates, has developed English, Xhosa, and Zulu videos to teach financial and accounting concepts to second-language black students.

Adding up numbers, it seems, is much easier in your … Read the rest

The 3 codes of political correctness

South Africa has arguably become the most politically correct country in the world where even the most innocuous statement may invoke hysterical denunciations, complaints to the South African Human Rights Commission or terminate an academic career.

For example, saying that … Read the rest