Garner: Innocent actor in Sovereign’s snuff film

Despite its elegant simplicity, the libertarian law is difficult to grasp. This I realized pursuant to the publication of “Eric Garner: 100% innocent under libertarian law.” Some of the smartest, polymathic readers a writer could hope for were easily bullied … Read the rest

G4S guards accused of migrant’s death found innocent

Three security guards from the controversial security firm G4S have been cleared of manslaughter, despite accusations they killed a 46-year-old man by forcibly restraining him on a charter airline flight.

Jimnmy Mubenga, from Angola, died on the 12 October 2010 … Read the rest

Eric Garner: 100% innocent under libertarian law

Eric Garner was doing nothing naturally illicit when he was tackled and placed in the chokehold that killed him. It can be argued, if anything, that Garner was being entrepreneurial. He had been trading untaxed cigarettes in defiance of the … Read the rest