Liberal MP calls African migrants a threat to white race

Kristiina Ojuland, a former Foreign Minister of Estonia and former member of the European Parliament, voiced her disapproval of the European Commission’s migrant quota plan on her official Facebook page, by calling for a pan-European campaign against admitting any refugees … Read the rest

Finland, Estonia files for EU funding on gas pipeline

Finland and Estonia have filed a joint application to the European Union for funding research on the Balticconnector gas pipeline route, which would connect Finland with the gas networks of Baltic states, Estonian newspaper Postimees reported Tuesday.

Balticconnector is a … Read the rest

Scraping the bottom of the barrel on Syria

It’s not likely to ease Americans’ concerns about going to war, but the White House announced Monday that Albania is on board with the Obama administration’s plans to punish Syria.

Tiny Estonia, too, has agreed that Syria must be held … Read the rest